Nextdoor Brings Neighbors Together Tamika Mallory, John Hope Bryant and Lorraine Cochran-Johnson

Nextdoor Panel Talks Community & More

There was a time when you knew to be home before the streetlights came on, especially if you grew up in a neighborhood where everyone knew your name. Some things have changed, yet technology has enabled us to become even more connected than ever.

September was Neighborhood Month, and with the theme of “Together for Better Neighborhoods,” Nextdoor, partnered with Atlanta’s own 11Alive for a conversation that brought community leaders together to discuss ways to rally around neighborhood businesses, elevating one another and more.

The event highlighted topics ranging from how COVID has impacted society at large to understanding how to partner with police officers and enact community-led initiatives. The panelists touched on engaging in the political process, why economic and political power go hand in hand, and more.

  • Tamika Mallory, activist and Co-Founder of Until Freedom

  • John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, Inc.

  • Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, Dekalb County Commissioner District 7

Watch “Together for Better Neighborhoods” in full here.


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