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HOB Presents 'Bringing Down the House'

A haven for music lovers across the nation, the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation is now looking to inspire a new generation of music enthusiasts by giving young artists the opportunity to showcase their talent on a larger scale, courtesy of an exciting free program titled “Bringin’ Down The House!”

The organization explains,“The House of Blues Music Forward Foundation harnesses the power of music to connect young people to knowledge, tools and mentors that fuel creativity, build confidence and connect passions to professions. We invest in young musicians by putting them in the spotlight and giving them a chance to shine. It’s a chance for teen musicians to connect with top music industry insiders through interactive workshops, and, showcase their talents in a live concert on the legendary House of Blues stage.”

Open to students aged 13-19, those interested have until January 20th to submit a song, professional photo and complete the online application. Individuals or bands selected will be given the opportunity to participate in a series of 3 hour Industry Sessions at the House of Blues, allowing them to connect with music industry professionals to learn the business, build their band’s identity and fan base, develop stage presence and meet other young professionals from Houston and beyond.

At the end of the program the House of Blues will open its doors for a live showcase, giving each participant the chance to perform in front of friends, family and fans. Those interested in submitting are also encouraged to check out Workshop Houston, a free after school program that allows students to write, record and produce their own songs. Located at 3615 Sauer Street, Houston, TX. 77004.

Visit WorkshopHouston.com or call 713-807-7911 for more information.

Read the full story at Dayandadream.com - December 2015


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