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Questions That Needed Answers - With Kevin Hart

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

If it seems that comedic kingpin Kevin Hart is literally everywhere, it’s because he is. Known for both his dedication to his craft as well as an impressive work ethic, while it may seem that he literally exploded overnight, in reality his current success has been years in the making.

Much has changed since many were first introduced to him via the now infamous Soul Plane, including a string of hit movies and sold out comedic tours. Still riding high off of the remake of the romantic comedy About Last Night and his most recent Think Like A Man Too, we got a chance to catch up to him as he stopped through Houston for Drake’s HAW (Houston Appreciation Weekend) festivities.

Day & A Dream:  It seems like you’re literally everywhere right now!

Kevin Hart: The crazy thing is, most of the films that you’re seeing now were actually filmed over a year or two ago, they’re just now being released.

D&D:  With all that you’re currently tied to, what are some things that we need to look out for down the road?

Hart: We’re actually starting production on Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube,  Finally Famous which was written by Chris Rock, Get Hard which also stars Will Ferrell and a few other things on the way. The Real Husbands of Hollywood will also be back.

D&D: Do you think we’ll see a third installment out of the Think Like a Man series?

Hart:  It just depends on the response we get from this one, but if people like it and respond well it’s definitely a possibility. I would love to do it.

D&D: After the success of comedy tours like Laugh At My Pain and Let Me Explain, can we expect another comedy tour from you soon?

Hart: [Laughs] These are great questions. [Hi-Fives] Absolutely, I’ll be going back on tour in 2016 actually.

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