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Propain - 'Dangerous Minded'

There are some artists that move your body, their songs instantly becoming your favorite when it comes on the radio or when played in a crowded club. At the other end of the spectrum, there are some artists that move your spirit, their songs stirring your intellect via clever wordplay and intricate storytelling. There are few artists that can drive their body of music well between both lanes…yet for Chris Dudley, better known as “Propain,” it’s something that comes naturally.

With some of the best music originating from the worst of personal adversities, his own life experiences have turned into the catalyst behind Propain’s music and ascension to success.

Originally from a notorious section of Southwest Houston called Hiram Clarke, though blessed with a remarkable mother who did her best to maintain a stable existence for him and his older brother, his youth would be marked by hardship and constant change.

By the time he had reached the cusp of adulthood, he held the distinction of having attended three elementary schools, two middle schools, and five different high schools; resulting in the ability to adapt well to change yet reserved what some would later call the inability to easily open up to newcomers.

People that went through the things that I have understand; it’s hard connecting with people who haven’t lived the life that I have, but that’s what my music is for. You can understand me through my music, explains Propain.

One thing that would remain constant throughout his life would be a passion for both music and basketball; though it would be the latter that he would first succeed in. A star guard throughout high school, after graduation he would go on to find success on a collegiate level as well; attending both Brookhaven and Lamar University.

But music, once a hobby, would be a flame that would begin to burn more brightly as time went on. Originally called “Lil C” as time went on it soon became evident that he had a real knack for lyrical banter. So much so that his college roommate would christen him as “Propain,” symbolizing what those around him dubbed as his ability to “spit heat.”

What started out as a pastime soon crept to the forefront of his priority list, and a chance meeting with Scarface at a photo shoot opened his eyes to the possibility of a viable career. By 2007 Propain had stepped out on a limb, quitting not only the basketball team but Lamar as well.  He would go on to find employment and enroll in the University of Houston-Downtown, biding his time as he began to make his first serious attempt at a career in music.

His first project “Got Propain” would showcase his growing potential and create a buzz around his name. Though seemingly reserved in nature, he would become renowned for a gregarious grind; never asking for a handout, instead letting his raw talent stand on its own merit, so preoccupied with working that he never noticed that those around him were taking heed, his persistence would soon pay off.

Read the full story at Houston Trend Magazine - June 2012

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