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Opulence Houston Brings Formal And Fly To Houston For A Third Year | @opulencehouston

Opulence Houston, 2016

Prepare to Enter Opulence Houston

Opulence Houston returns for an even more lavish third year this December.

In a city that boasts an event nearly every night of the week, the bar is high for those looking to create their own lane, yet that’s exactly what Brittney Mitchell did. Inspired by New Orleans’ long-running Zulu Ball, the Third Ward native has crafted a unique experience called “Opulence.”

Set to return December 9 at Houston’s Ensemble Theater, Opulence has transformed from an intimate event to a highly anticipated black-tie affair, thanks in part to a vibe that promotes an annual celebration of life. Affectionately called “Houston’s Adult Prom” – it’s become a favorite for urban professionals seeking a break from the norm – complete with gowns, a premium open bar and more. 

As the event has continued to grow, new faces have been welcomed each year, with attendance growing from 150 in 2015 to over 500 expected this year. Opulence boasts that “Glamorous gowns and tailored tuxedos will fill the dance floor at Houston’s historic Ensemble Theater, as guests toast to the good life with top-shelf libations while creating lasting memories.” 

“I want this to be a global experience, that at some point, people use to celebrate our lives, our existence and our culture.” – Brittney Mitchell

Sharing the evolution of Opulence, Mitchell recently spoke with us about its transformation and why the best is yet to come. 

On the inspiration behind Opulence:

“My family is from Louisiana and all of my life, no matter where they lived, the women would meet in New Orleans for Zulu Ball. They spent all year looking for dresses, sharing ideas and preparing for the big night. Since I couldn’t go, I would watch them all transform in one house, doing hair and make-up. When they left we would play in the dresses that didn’t make the cut. I decided way back then that I would go to a ball and feel half as beautiful as they looked. Now I have a platform where I’m able to give other women, and men, that exact same experience.”

Turning an idea into a full-fledged experience:

“On Twitter I had the idea to start a month of “Spend With Your Friend,” by financially supporting a friend’s business. We often support them in non-monetary ways, but the truth is business needs revenue. So the goal was to get us to spend a certain amount and if we did, we would celebrate with a “party.” We had the party, but after much thought, I realized we should be celebrating more. We should be celebrating our accomplishments. So that’s when it dawned on me, this was my opportunity to have my “Zulu.”

Opulence and beyond:

“I’m a dreamer. I want this to be a global experience, that at some point, people use to celebrate our lives, our existence and our culture. Through this platform I hope to ultimately be able to provide a space where kids, young adults and adults can learn; nutrition, coding, sewing, parenting, etc. Our guests will see this year just how much we plan to live up to our name, “Opulence.”

Tickets will be available on September 9, 2017.

Read the full story at Dayandadream.com - August 2017

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