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David Banner Discovers the Love In Acting

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Well if you’re David Banner, there’s always a new goal, a new mountain to be tackled.

Despite a multitude of hardships, the Jackson, Mississippi native’s intense work ethic has helped him endure the worst of times, and soar through the best of them.

Taking his name from the lead character of The Incredible Hulk, Banner has indeed set himself as a beast in the game. Using the considerable buzz gained as a member of the duo Crooked Lettaz he formally burst onto the scene with the Lil Flip assisted “Like a Pimp” after it began circulating from station to station.

Not content with being contained simply within the Hip Hop community, Banner has since gone on to conquer film as well; and has also become an instrumental force of urban activism. Banner took the time out of his busy schedule earlier this week to speak about his latest project, a supporting role in Where’s The Love , an original romantic drama which made its debut this past Saturday on the UP Network. Banner plays the best friend of one of two famous marriage counselors, whose own marriage is on the rocks. The film navigates the couple’s attempts to dispense advice, while ignoring the fact that it’s not working for their own marriage.

Also starring in the ensemble cast are Lamman Rucker, Denise Boutte Terri J. Vaughn Karon Joseph Riley, Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, Ahmed Lucan, Shirley Strawberry, Nicole Eggert, Kandi Burruss, Tommy Ford, Letoya Luckett, and Angie Stone.

HSM: While there have been many artists that have transitioned over to film, few have found true success or acclaim at it; what do you think has helped you in this avenue?

David Banner: Great actors train, I’ve been in acting school for over 10 years. If you look back at say Tupac back in the day he was a performer first. He attended a performing arts school first. If you look at most great actors it’s the man-hours that they put in; It takes consistency and training.

HSM: I recently got a chance to catch an older film of yours, The Confidant . Is this a dark character similar to that one, or will you be taking on a different role for this film?

Banner: A lot of my fans seem to complain about some of my darker roles but I have no problem taking on happier ones. The danger in always playing a dark role as a Black man is that it sometimes turns into a caricature of how some perceive us to be.

HSM: They really pulled together a great cast for this film. What about the film drew you to the project?

Banner: I love that it’s based on honesty. The whole film is built around two marriage counselors whose own marriage isn’t working. It’s real. As an entertainer, people often don’t realize that we have regular problems just like everyone else does. The film revolves around that concept.

Read the full story at Houston Style Magazine - May 2014

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