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The Return of the Bandit

#CandidConvoswithCecilia Vol. 2

"Could it be I've stayed away too long? Did I leave your mind when I was gone?" - Jackson 5

I've been quietly gathering my life. Or in other words: writing and minding my damn business. It's a simple life, but someone's got to do it.

*beats chest and slowly ties on cape*

To be frank there's been a lot to gather, especially since tip-toeing into my 30s. Life's gone high - and low - but it's forced me to grow in the process.

Grief is a bitch, something I've tried to be transparent about, but it's a process that's also forced me to uncomfortably grow, after grasping just how fragile life truly is. During the last two years I tip-toed into my 30s, got married and challenged myself to try things that both excite and terrify me. In short, I've just been living.

This is why I've had trouble answering, "Where have you been Cecilia?" Mostly because in truth, I haven't been anywhere. Writing about everything from politics to music, I've spent nearly a decade chasing bylines while interviewing celebrities and other creatives - a career that I love. But I've also learned to say no more, especially to things that no longer make sense financially or align with my goals and ideals.

In short, I've been protecting my energy. A practice I've learned to cherish both personally and professionally through the years. All puns intended; if I had to name this chapter of my life it'd be called "Just Do It," word to freedom loving Nike, because I'm doing what I damn well please.

So no, don't call it a comeback: The Bandit has returned.

Welcome to my journey.

#CandidConvoswithCecilia Vol. 2

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