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Artist SosaMann

Meet the SosaMann

It takes a unique mix of confidence and creativity to break into the music game and find success in it. Talented or not, it’s an industry that everyone isn’t built to enter, a path that everyone isn’t meant to walk upon.

Yet for Anthony Denson, better known as SosaMann, stripes earned in the streets have been more than enough preparation. Shaped by the southwest side of Houston, for Sosa survival came by any means necessary, resulting in bars birthed from true stories.

“I started doing music to get of the streets and pain. I earned it. Music keeps me calm, sane.”

An integral part of growing Texas powerhouse The Sauce Factory, alongside members The Sauce Twinz (Sauce Walka, Sancho Saucy) and Moe Gang (Rizzo, 5th Ward JP), Sosa has played a part in laying down the foundation to a movement that’s already exploding across the nation. Forcing the industry to acknowledge what’s brewing down in the Lone Star State.

At just 25, Sosa has already began drafting a resume that’s quickly gained stamps of approval, releasing a consistent stream of impressive features and heating including the well-received “Did a Whole Lot,” pushing his name up on the list of emcees worth keeping an eye on.

“My music is influenced by my life and all of the things I go through. I broke into the industry by being consistent.”

By embracing Texas legends like Fat Pat while still being able to craft a sound distinctly his own, Sosa has helped raise the bar in the city by refusing to conform to what many expect from a Houston rapper. Throwing conventional wisdom for new artists completely out the window, he drew the attention of Slim Thug and more simply by being himself and creating music that reflects his own thoughts and experiences, a method that seems to be working for him just fine.

Always on the move, after releasing his successful Trapd Out 2 and Sauce Eskobar tapes he also managed to deliver the infectious banger “Off the Lot,” landing features in Fader and Vibe. Now it’s all eyes on Sosa as he continues to push his way to the top, officially signing with Wiz Khalifa’s influential Taylor Gang label as he prepares to properly introduce the world to a sound uniquely his own. Make room.

“I go by SosaMann because I’m Sosa and I got it. I do this because I love it. Now pay me.”


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