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DJ Starr Skywalka

DJ Starr Skywalka

Meet the DJ Starr Skywalka

For DJ Starr Skywalka, it's always been about the music. Diving behind the turntables as a teen he quickly made a name for himself; rocking crowds at school dances, small events and even house parties for friends.

A Houston native, after graduating from James Madison High he decided to turn his passion into a career, lighting up the city's nightlife scene with a string of events and appearances at Fox Hollow and more. 

Earning a reputation for his ability to blend genres and bring a crowd together, he’s since gone on to create the popular “Ghostmoves” mixtape series - offering a new platform for both new and established artists - as well as a collection of his own productions titled “HorsDoeuvres.”

Currently enjoying a weekly residence at Grooves Houston, you can also catch the Houston favorite commanding the stage as the performance DJ for Loud Muzik’s own, Tim Ned. Always pushing barriers and setting his own pace, for Skywalka it’s still all about the music.

“My style has no limitations, I excel in creating a vibe and atmosphere based on the audience. I don’t want to focus on any genre because I don’t want to be put into a box.”


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