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Houston Spotlight: The Al Rucker Foundation

Sometimes when the cards are stacked against you, you have to reshuffle the deck. For entrepreneur Al Rucker, shifting his cards has meant constantly evolving; becoming one of Houston’s most prominent entrepreneurs his chief goal. The ride hasn’t always been smooth: a childhood that included time in foster care and fending for oneself when he chose a way out. It’s a journey that Rucker recounts as if it occurred yesterday. “Growing up in a single parent home, I watched my mother try to take care of six kids and I…

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#FollowTheBandit: Kemah Boardwalk Inn Serves Up Luxury For the Holiday Staycation

Once Halloween creeps around the corner life seems to kick into overdrive as fun and spooky costumes quickly give way to the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving dinner. As many odash to the delights of wrapping your loved ones’ gifts and placing twinkling lights on Christmas trees. I’ve come to cherish December as a time to give thanks, as well as gifts to those not on the naughty list. Unfortunately, the magic of Christmas and its jolly fat Santa is largely gone by adulthood, and in its place you learn to…

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Eva Longoria Debuts Her Fashion Line at The Limited – Galleria

Eva Longoria’s star power crosses not only television & film but into modeling, becoming a spokeswoman, an activist and more. The Texas bombshell with the quick wit and easygoing personality is capable of any type of transition. Whether it be the two years she played Isabella Braña on The Young & The Restless or the show-stealing turn as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, Longoria is an already made woman, with even more goals and passions set on her plate. The Golden Globe & Screen Actors Guild nominated actress made a…

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The Conversation Continues: Lawful Gun Safety Vs Unjust Loss Of Life

Earlier this week the Republican National Convention set its sights upon Cleveland, Ohio. The city, known nationally for its decades long sports title drought had been experiencing its most fruitful summer in ages. The Cavaliers had won the NBA title; its native son almost single-handedly ending their sports suffering. The large banner displaying the city’s name on his back was the visage of many Ohioans: hope. It’s also the same city where in November of 2014, a 12-year-old boy named Tamir Rice was playing in a park with a toy…

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Paul Campbell On Blazing Their Own Path

It’s never too late to transform a dream into reality, something that group Paul Campbell knows all too well. After spending several years crafting their careers individually, singers Terrill Paul and Tim Campbell came together to form the rising duo. Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey and Milwaukee, Wisconsin respectively; the duo is now blazing a new path as they trek to the top of contemporary RnB and soul. It’s been a long journey for both. Terrill gaining his stripes in a number of vocal groups as a teen before finding…

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Behind the Music: Chinara Butler Discusses The Legacy of Pimp C & More Ahead Of “Long Live The Pimp”

Via: If “heavy is the head that wears the crown,” imagine that of one forced to wear it in the king’s absence. Having stood firmly behind the throne of the man largely considered the “Underground King of the South,” for Chinara Butler the 2007 death of Pimp C meant the loss of her better half. Kind hearted, brash and unapologetic; let’s be clear, there will never be another Pimp C. His sudden passing dealt a swift blow to the industry, leaving a hole that has yet to be filled. Brimming…

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Cedric The Entertainer Tackles Diabetes in Houston With Step On Up Campaign

While he may forever be known to most as one of the “Original Kings of Comedy,” whether it be The Steve Harvey Show or his hilarious turn in Barbershop, there’s little that comedian and actor Cedric the Entertainer hasn’t already accomplished. Now he’s added spokesman to his already impressive resume, using his massive platform to inform others about the dangers of diabetic nerve pain (also known as “diabetic peripheral neuropathy) through a campaign called “Step On Up”. Though you’ve probably seen the commercials, off-screen it’s a condition incredibly near to…

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We Were There: An Evening Paying Tribute To The King Of Pop

In death a legend often transitions to icon status. Their angels and demons alike become magnified before the world. In the five years since Michael Jackson died tragically at the age of 50, one thing remains certain: his musical brilliance will forever be difficult to match. Last month, it also proved that it is not easily duplicated, as “King Michael: A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop” rolled into Houston’s Jones Hall for the Performing Arts. The tribute was presented by the Brilliant Lecture Series, an events group city…

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Godzilla Roars Into Theaters

If you’re old enough to remember any of its predecessors, there are two words that you probably thought you’d never hear together in a sentence, “good” and “Godzilla.” Yet surprisingly, good isn’t even an adequate description of the latest incarnation of the franchise which dates all the way back to 1954; it’s excellent. Yes, you read that right. Breathing life back into the monster that first debuted exactly 50 years ago, technology has finally caught up, resulting in a total redemption from the debacle that was last thrown onto the…

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Maroon 5 Makes Return To HLSR After 8-Year Absence

In 2006, Maroon 5 was still riding high off the wave of success created by their Songs About Jane debut as they made their second appearance at Houston’s annual Livestock & Rodeo Show; but after a slip of obscenities, (picked up by a microphone and transmitted over the closed caption screens throughout the stadium they had been notably absent from the Rodeo’s yearly roster of entertainment. “You may have noticed I’ve been refraining from using foul language on our songs. Several years ago we played at the Houston Rodeo. I…

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