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Shooting of Republican Congressman Brings Out False Unity

  As of today, 281 Americans have been killed in mass shootings this year. The latest entry, for now, is James Hodgkinson, killed by authorities on June 14 after he opened fire at a Virginia baseball field. Members of the GOP were there to practice for the Congressional baseball game, an annual event that allows Republicans and Democrats to compete against one another to benefit three local charities: the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, the Washington Literacy Center and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. After reportedly asking if they were Republicans,…

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The Conversation Continues: Lawful Gun Safety Vs Unjust Loss Of Life

Earlier this week the Republican National Convention set its sights upon Cleveland, Ohio. The city, known nationally for its decades long sports title drought had been experiencing its most fruitful summer in ages. The Cavaliers had won the NBA title; its native son almost single-handedly ending their sports suffering. The large banner displaying the city’s name on his back was the visage of many Ohioans: hope. It’s also the same city where in November of 2014, a 12-year-old boy named Tamir Rice was playing in a park with a toy…

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