Pen to Pad Politics 

Trump Steadily Building a Strong Case for His Own Impeachment

Just four months into his presidency, Donald Trump has managed to alienate over half of the country, his Gallup Poll rating currently hovering near 39 percent. And as we explored in April, he’s reneged on nearly every campaign promise. In short he’s continued to  sabotage himself and, to a large extent, the entire GOP, which lowered the bar in order to accommodate the political novice, a legacy it’ll have to own. Employing rhetoric laced with bigotry and xenophobic overtones, Trump showed exactly who he was, yet the Republican Party still accepted him as their nominee. It’s…

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Conversations With Cecilia Pen to Pad Politics 

7 Reminders Of How Donald Trump Is A Habitual Line-Stepper

“I feel like America has slipped into an alternate universe. I’m just waiting on the Avengers to fix this shit.” I tweeted this shortly after the death of Muhammad Ali. As the outpouring of love and admiration flowed from across the world, I watched in disgust. The same talking heads and pundits that use Islamic extremism as a way to discredit the entire religion, suddenly feigned empathy for the fallen legend. I watched in a daze as others tried their best to tip toe around his youth as a brash,…

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