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Behind the Music: Chinara Butler Discusses The Legacy of Pimp C & More Ahead Of “Long Live The Pimp”

Via: If “heavy is the head that wears the crown,” imagine that of one forced to wear it in the king’s absence. Having stood firmly behind the throne of the man largely considered the “Underground King of the South,” for Chinara Butler the 2007 death of Pimp C meant the loss of her better half. Kind hearted, brash and unapologetic; let’s be clear, there will never be another Pimp C. His sudden passing dealt a swift blow to the industry, leaving a hole that has yet to be filled. Brimming…

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Conversations With Cecilia Pen to Pad 

Long Live the Pimp

Unlike a normal “Conversation With Cecilia”, this one is rather personal. Sadly, today marks six years since the tragic passing of Chad “Pimp C” Butler and for a girl born in Oakland and in Texas trying to get a college degree, a chance meeting between the Pimp & Cecilia would steer the course of her career — for the better. Years ago, prior to formally beginning my writing career, I was just a lowly waitress; new to Texas and hustling drinks at a club as a way to pay for…

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