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10 Moments From SXSW 2014

There are always life lessons involved in going to SXSW and this year’s was no different. From big brand showcases to the discovery of new artists and the overall wear and tear it does on your body – South By Southwest will always be one of those festivals you tell your friends about every year and even when you warn them, they still have no idea what they may experience. Here’s our main lessons to learn from those who went down to Austin last weekend. 1. Even Working The Showcases…

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August Alsina: “Laying Out His Own Testimony”

What seemingly “happens overnight” in terms of success for an artist; is more often than not, the result of years of work put in behind the scenes. At just 21 years of age, Louisiana native August Alsina seems ahead of his years, having transformed viral success into a viable career. Alsina’s debut album for Def Jam Testimony lands on April 15th, a significant date in his life as the day also is the tragic anniversary of the murder of his brother. He may currently have his own issues with R&B…

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