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First 100 Days: Trump Has Reversed His Position — or Failed — On Nearly Every Campaign Promise

“The electoral college is a disaster for democracy,” tweeted Trump in 2012. Just five years later, that same system would award him the presidency. Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote by over three million votes, but like Gore before her, she lost the election. As President Trump closes in on his first 100 days in office, he has continued to celebrate his electoral victory as “the greatest since Reagan,” despite facts that prove otherwise. His sudden embrace of the electoral system is like many other things in Trump’s world:…

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Conversations With Cecilia Pen to Pad Politics 

7 Reminders Of How Donald Trump Is A Habitual Line-Stepper

“I feel like America has slipped into an alternate universe. I’m just waiting on the Avengers to fix this shit.” I tweeted this shortly after the death of Muhammad Ali. As the outpouring of love and admiration flowed from across the world, I watched in disgust. The same talking heads and pundits that use Islamic extremism as a way to discredit the entire religion, suddenly feigned empathy for the fallen legend. I watched in a daze as others tried their best to tip toe around his youth as a brash,…

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