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All Eyez On Me Shows Tupac’s Evolving Legacy

Biopics are notoriously hit or miss. For every Ray – there are a dozen others that never should have been made – a visual reminder that not every story can be accurately recreated on screen. When it comes to artists the bar is even higher, raised by the expectations of living family members and anxious fans. So when it comes to the memory of legends like Tupac Shakur, well, the stakes are even higher. Arguably one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic and outgoing personalities, for many the “California Love” artist was…

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The Essentials: The 5 Need To Know Quotes, Songs & Moments Of 2Pac

The man. The myth. The legend. In the realm of hip-hop, the heavily contested “Greatest of All Time” debate still wages on. But though artists like Jay-Z and Eminem have proven themselves worthy of being mentioned amongst the elite, there are none that compare to the legacy left by Tupac Shakur. In death, this legacy has only grown. Yet for those not alive to witness his larger than life persona, it’s easy to forget just how influential (and entertaining) Pac actually was. Through his works as a poet, actor, and…

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