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I’ve always wanted to write. It’s a skill I embraced early on, a secret superpower that didn’t drain my soul like math does. As many of us do in our youth, once I committed to college I thought I had it all figured out: graduate and take over the world. In that order.

Yeah, ok Cecilia. I earned my degree alright – graduating from the University of Houston in 2010 – just in time to enter a stagnant job market that showed little interest in my shiny new journalism degree. I live by the creed: “Find a way, or make a way.” With newspapers closing left and right, I decided to make my own way in journalism.

After several years as a freelancer, something I still love and enjoy, I began working with entrepreneurs and brands – a path that’s allowed me to utilize my digital, media and writing skills.

I love writing, films, politics, business, technology, pop culture, showcases, news and entertainment.

I love, launches, campaigns, charity drives and more.

I love pushing my creative limits, working  on projects ranging from full event launches to crafting professional brands.

— A Few Samples —

Digital & Social Media

Online ads, online promotions, social media creation/management, sponsored posts/campaigns & more

Events & Experiences

Guest speaking, event hosting, launch parties, stage management, day-of event assistance, live streaming, On-site reporting & more

Writing & Editing

Interviews, press releases, bio writing, blogging, newsletters, features, previews, reviews, proofreading, online editing & more

— Brands & More —

8th Count Dancer
75th & Canal Co.
GMT Radio
Haircut Media
Interview Simply
Jerren Willis Photography
Workshop Houston
Yellow Bandit Media

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