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Eva Longoria Debuts Her Fashion Line at The Limited – Galleria

Eva Longoria’s star power crosses not only television & film but into modeling, becoming a spokeswoman, an activist and more. The Texas bombshell with the quick wit and easygoing personality is capable of any type of transition. Whether it be the two years she played Isabella Braña on The Young & The Restless or the show-stealing turn as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, Longoria is an already made woman, with even more goals and passions set on her plate.

The Golden Globe & Screen Actors Guild nominated actress made a slight pivot away from wearing highly sought after fashion wears on television and film to launch her own line. In collaboration with The Limited, Longoria describes her line as “Empowering women to feel their very best.” That empowerment led to a large meet and greet session at The Galleria where fans, media members and the like were able to catch a glimpse of some of the pieces from Longoria’s collection.

“I’ve done the bedding line,” Longoria said about her early entry into creating something for herself.” The opportunity came up and I knew I didn’t want to just put my name on a label, I wanted to be involved in the creative process.”

As far as something she’s kept a secret from most fans, Longoria can admit one thing: she’s a seamstress on the low. “I’ve sewed my whole life,” she said with a laugh. “Yes I sew dresses, jeans, shirts, blouses. The bow, the buttons, when it comes to the designs I’m involved with everything.”

Longoria is a Texas woman who loves a decent pair of pants and plenty of comfort. “I’m a big denim girl,” she acknowledges. “I live in jeans so I know how they can feel. My jeans are called “Power Sculpt” because they kind of suck you in, without being painful at the end of the day.”

For someone with such a wanted body figure, Longoria knew that her line not only had to match what she wanted but fans who didn’t necessarily look like her wanted. The “everyday” look became her largest inspiration. “As women we spend so much time trying to balance a wardrobe,” she said. “Trying to find something for work, then something for the weekend. So a lot of these pieces you can mix and match to create a going out look with your friends. Then you can just throw a blazer on it, or put a blouse on a skirt and all of a sudden it becomes a great office look. And it’s super affordable.”

Already looking towards the future, Longoria has confirmed that the line will be available outside of the U.S. market but hasn’t revealed any additional details. The line can be found exclusively at all of The Limited stores in the U.S. Judging by the response of the crowd that evening at the Galleria, the collection should be a success.

First published via Houston Style Magazine, September 2016

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