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Paul Campbell On Blazing Their Own Path

It’s never too late to transform a dream into reality, something that group Paul Campbell knows all too well. After spending several years crafting their careers individually, singers Terrill Paul and Tim Campbell came together to form the rising duo.

Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey and Milwaukee, Wisconsin respectively; the duo is now blazing a new path as they trek to the top of contemporary RnB and soul.

It’s been a long journey for both. Terrill gaining his stripes in a number of vocal groups as a teen before finding success as a songwriter. Meanwhile Tim was indoctrinated into music at an early age, getting his start in the church choir before going on to create a group of his own. After working together as background singers, the duo finally decided to take flight together as a duo, officially forming Paul Campbell.

Currently in Houston ahead of tonight’s “Houston Music Festival” featuring Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat and Ginuwine at the NRG Arena, they took a break preparing from their own performance to chat with Houston Style about their banging single “No Let Up” and more.

Houston Style: You seem to have found your groove with “No Let Up,” what can fans expect ahead of your actual album?

PC: Everything we do is all about our fans. We’ve got no samples, it’s all organic R&B.

Houston Style: There’s a myth that R&B music has died, how do you think it’s changed and how do you fit into its current form?

PC: We have the touch of the 90s, but we still pay homage to the ones that did it before us. Think of songs like Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady.” The world was a little bit more relaxed. They’ve taken love out of the equation.

Houston Style: So you guys are definitely trying to bring that unique sound back!

PC: It didn’t die, it just took a nap. I think a lot of it had to do with auto tune and the Internet. And we’re not doing flips on the stage (Tim adds with a laugh.)

Houston Style: You’re now on Bobby Brown’s Brown Ribbon Entertainment label, how did you guys cross paths?

PC: We actually auditioned for Heads of State (formed in 2008 by New Edition Members Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown) in Atlanta. They were originally only going to have two backup singers but Bobby was like “So where’s my background singer” so they ended up with three. Even back then, he said he knew that we would make it.

Houston Style: Looks like he was right. You’re performing at the Houston Music Fest, what can fans look forward to?

PC: Get ready to be surprised. We have a 25 minute set so get ready for special guests and great music.

If talent is any indicator, expect to hear more from this dynamic duo.

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First published via Houston Style MagazineMay 2016

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