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A Quick Q&A With Tank About Careers, Appearances & Cooking

Last week during the Texas Black Expo, Tank performed and did his usual ladies man routine. We’ve had the pleasure of catching him seemingly all over the country with a TGT appearance at last year’s Essence Festival throw in for good measure. His brand new album Stronger is on the way and he was gracious enough in between serenading ladies and causing them to faint or tell their girlfriends to offer us a few answers to questions that needed answering.

Day & A Dream: In addition to some of your more familiar work, your new album Stronger is also set to debut on July 8th, do you have a must hear track that you would suggest?

Tank: Really this album it’s a new feeling for me. For those that know my music in the past, they’re going to hear and feel something different on this particular project. In the past, I’ve always been going through something, either cheated on someone or getting cheated on. Now I’m just happy. I’m past all of those things, and the tempo of Stronger reflects that.

Day & A Dream: So if you had to choose a personal favorite of yours, what would it be?

Tank: [Laughs] I don’t know it just depends on what I’m going through. But I would say that I love “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

Day & A Dream: What do you feel is a common misconception that people of have of you?

Tank: I’m a lot more fun than my pictures lead on.  It’s like I’m always trying to be the ultimate sexy man, it’s a part of my character but not all of me. I’m really approachable, I like to stand and give out hugs. I’m just a real person. I’d like people to know that part of me.

Day & A Dream:  You’ve also found success in acting, are there any projects coming up that we should be watching for?

Tank: I have an HBO special coming up titled Togetherness as well as Queen Latifah’s film November Rule. Music wise I’ll also be performing at Essence Festival this year and involved with the BET Awards.

Day & A Dream: What’s something about yourself that you wish more people knew?

Tank: That I’m cool and I cook a mean grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t braid but I can slick back a ponytail. [Laughs]

First published via Dayandadream.comJune 2014

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